Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To write their names in sand...

 I am incredibly thankful there are people out there that take their time to do something special for angel babies.

here is a link to Sebastion's name written in the sand at sunset, in Australia....

That being said... I'm a bit disappointed in the fact that his name has been misspelled twice now in memorials.  I understand that we chose not to spell his name the most popular way, and even as I type this entry the spell check kicks in...BUT.... it IS the way we chose to spell.  Thought it would make him even that much more special.  I guess what I find funny is that the link is spelled correctly, as is the name on the page, but the actual name in the sand is wrong.  In no way am I trying to speak badly about Carly, I believe she does a BEAUTIFUL thing... just venting.  The same thing happened with his little Treasure Bean.

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  1. ((hugs)) I know it can be upsetting. I haven't had Bryston or Colton's names misspelled but at The Walk to Remember when they were reading the babies names out loud, they said Bryston's name wrong. I wasn't mad, anyone can make a mistake, but it hurt my heart a little.