Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A nice surprise...

I have been a terrible mother...I haven't been to the cemetery to visit in, well, a couple of months maybe?  I have had intentions, as I drive by the cemetery every time I go to my parents house, but I usually end up staying past dark when I go...not that I haven't spent after dark hours in the cemetery, but not with our daughter.  The past month has been so chaotic with the holidays and doctor visits and the hustle and bustle of life that my dear sweet momma actually placed his Christmas tree at his graveside this year.  Today, I finally stopped to pay a visit and this is what I found...

I cannot fully express just how unbelievably heart warming it is to visit my sons grave and find gifts left by others... I LOVE that someone else in the world thinks of him too. 
Thank you momma.  I love you.

And as usual....the moon was brightly shining sweet boys way of saying hello.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello there:)

Yet again...I have let nearly a month slip by with no words from the soul.  I am still alive, and well. 
I am trying incredibly hard to be in the spirit of Christmas this season, even put my tree up BEFORE December, which is a first for me.  There is still sorrow in the air as we approach what should have been.  If Sebastion had lived, he would be turning ONE year old at some point soon...his due date was 12/21.  Oh how different life would be.  I have been feeling guilty, as I haven't been to the cemetery in a couple of months.  I have every intention of getting out there to put up Sebastion's tree, but the past few weeks have been a monsoon of rain and it has been too muddy.  Now it is cold, and hopefully one day this week I will make it happen, and get some quality time and photos.

  Hope you all (if anyone still reads this) are well.  And if you haven't been to my other blog... check it out...will be updating with happier posts over there:)