Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deep Breaths

Time for a little rant.
It could be the fact that my ovaries seem to be attacking me... or the multiple clots that my uterus has been forcing to leave my body... or the severe lack of sleep for the past 3 days... or the fact that my 2 year old has strep throat... or the house that refuses to clean itself.... or the cakes that will not bake themselves... or the mass amounts of customers who seem to think that being a server makes me sub-human... or the inches upon inches of ice that make leaving the confines of my house treacherous... the cats that puke up fur balls on an almost daily basis... the 'spare' bedroom that taunts me from down the hall...   the totes full of clothes that he will never wear... the family pictures that will never be complete... the voice in my head that will never shut up... the hole in my heart that will never heal...or the fact that my child died.
Take your pick... which reason should be the reason for the complete and total frustration I feel?  Is it possible to take a vacation from oneself?

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