Thursday, February 10, 2011

Made with Love

I spent countless hours this past week creating personalized hand made valentines for the From My Angel To Your Angel program... A LOT of love was put into these Valentines... I hope that it can be felt when the envelopes are opened.  It felt refreshing dropping them of at the post office last night... I also hope that they arrive in time.

to Madeline, from Sebastion

made with love
 In addition to the snail mail valentines... I also chose to make email valentines:

I should mention....  I HATE VALENTINES DAY!!  I think it is absurb, and stopped celebrating it when I was a freshman in high school (that was quite some time ago).  BUT being a 'good' momma, I did not want to enforce my beliefs upon my daughter, and have bought her a gift for every year she has been with us... And now I will continue to do so for my son.  Their daddy and I, however, still choose not to celebrate.

Speaking of my daughter... the poor thing has had a rough week  She started last week by coming down with strep throat, and started this week with roseola.  She is now our little polka-dot princess.  Red spots EVERYWHERE. Praying that next week, we will have no ailments. 

And in other news... Saturday the 12th will mark 6 months since we said goodbye.  Sigh.  I miss you Sebastion... every second of everyday. 

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