Wednesday, December 29, 2010

on a happier note

Ok....lets try for a happy post...
After my day of feeling insane and annoyed and pissed at the world, my wonderful boyfriend continued to try to lift  my spirits by telling me how sorry he was that I was having a bad day, and gracing me with his usual loving comments of how beautiful and 'sexy' he finds me.  (I haven't felt sexy since I gained 65 pounds with my first pregnancy, but he assures me that I have nothing to fear, it's nice.)   He really is amazing, even though I do not give him enough credit most of the time. 
I thought I would share some of the amazing gifts that have been bestowed upon me...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ring :)

Little bird house shall be placed outside in the spring...lets just hope nobody steals it.

still need to find the perfect place to hang this
I mentioned once to my momma that dragonflies were viewed as a symbol of remembrance  (and Tiffany's theory on winks)... she has been buying me all sorts of dragonfly items since.  Love her.

And back to my AMAZING boyfriend.... he purchased my FIRST EVER dishwasher as a christmas gift for me... couldn't be happier to have it, and my wonderful big brother actually installed it yesterday :)  Nearly 30 minutes after opening said dishwasher, D asks me if I looked inside to check out the cool features...  When I opened it, this beauty was dangling inside:
The tears INSTANTLY started flowing... I was so happy that he thought to get me something in honor of Sebastion.  So beautiful by itself, but since I never take Sebastion's moon urn off, I felt that they should share a chain:

I have also been blessed with another give away prize from Dana at the midnight orange... I will post a photo of the lovely sculpture once it has arrived... and my dear friend Trena has chosen to pay one of her giveaways foward to me. I am still trying to decide what image I would like the pendant to have, but once that is finished and received, I will post pictures of it as well. 
I truly do have some amazing people in my life, and for that I AM greatful.

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  1. LOVE the open heart angel necklace! And where did you get that ring!? OMG, I am in love ♥ ((hugs)) Thinking of you, call or text if you need to talk. Love you. ((hugs)) ♥ Sebastion ♥