Friday, December 17, 2010

the kindness of others

I'm feeling a little bit better, I guess.  Yesterday my mom and I went christmas shopping, which was exhausting! Mentally and physically. We were gone for 13 freaking hours!  But, our little kiddo is going to have a wonderful christmas, even if her mommy spends some of it crying.  Poor kid... I feel like all she sees me do anymore is cry... she will walk up to me at random and give me a hug and a kiss and say 'all better now momma?'  'I make you happy'... she is precious.  And now she is sick. She woke up puking this morning... in the bed, on the floor, in the rocking chair... and then I was carrying her down the stairs to use the potty, I slipped and fell down the bottom 2 steps, but at least I held on to her tight, and she didn't get hurt.  What a lovely start to the day:)  Daddy has to call off work this evening because nobody wants to baby sit a sick kid...including grandma.  At least it's not christmas yet, right?

On a happier note... I have received some amazing gifts in the past week that I would like to share:
lovely giraffe ornament

another wonderful ornament

super cute coffee cup with baby giraffe inside

fun stuff for the kiddo
The above gifts were from my FOL/FOH gift exchange partner, Kate.  She is amazing, and amazingly thoughtful.  I loved all the gifts that she sent to us, and there are actually a few more that aren't pictured. It really touched my heart that she was thoughtful enough to send a care package for Liliana.  The kindness of others amazes me. Thank you sooo much Kate:)

And here are some other ornaments gifted to us this week:
mother and child wood cutout from my wonderful momma

surprise from my aunt cathy

a better view

S is for Sebastion

snowman for Lily

i love turtles, thanks again to my momma.

L is for Liliana

I'm so thankful for the thoughts and sentiments behind all of these gifts.  I love my friends and family:)

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