Sunday, November 21, 2010

A tragic ending

It has been a really long, trying week in our community.  We have learned that a sicko walked among us.  If you haven't read, or watched the news this week, you can see the full story here . This tragedy has effected sooo many people in so many unimaginable ways.  Really makes one think about how much you take for granted in life.... like the safety of your own home.  Growning up, we never locked our doors.  Never even thought twice about it.  Living in other cities, I readjusted to the situation quickly, and ALWAYS locked my car, and locked my doors at night.  Once I moved back to Mt. Vernon, I made sure to lock up my's been broken into a few times, and again, ALWAYS lock my house up at night...but now... It makes me nervous to be home alone, locked doors or not.  I feel like I need my wonderful man to be at our side, even in broad daylight.  I know... the likelyhood of another monster like Matthew Hoffman living in our community is slim...but not none.  I'm sure the anxiety will wear off in due time...  but I can't get the idea that the 'missing 3' were stabbed, dismembered and stuffed into a hallow tree to leave my head.  Aye. Aye.

I must say... I am thankful that my daughter is not old enough to remember OR understand these recent events.  I feel for friends and family as they try to explain and cope. I know my nieces (who went to school with Sarah and Kody) are having a very hard time... as well as all the other children around here that are old enough to understand.

On a more possitive note...our community as a whole has showed more kindness and caring than anyone could have ever thought... from the volunteer searches to the candle light vigils... even yesterday, our local DQ (tina's place of employment) donated $1 of every blizzard sold to the children effected by this tragedy...Sarah Maynard, and Stephanie's 3 children.  The line just to get into the parking lot was over a 1/4 mile long.  The last report I heard they had raised @ $2000.  Thats a lot of ice cream!!!

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