Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's a cruel world in which we live...

It has been a bit since I have had the time to sit down and blog, and so much is happening in the world around me...
First and foremost: The local news that has made national headlines...The kidnapping of 13 year old Sarah Maynard, and the continued search for her 11 year old brother, Kody, as well as her mother Tina Herrmann and family friend Stephanie Sprang.  The two women, and young boy are still missing... presumed at this point to be dead.  Law enforcment is now searching several locations in our small city with cadaver dogs... one of those places, the kokosing bike trail, is a place where we often take our little girl for walks. This is also the trail that I was hoping to be able to set up a memorial 5k for next October.  I have spent the past several days glued to the local news, and internet in hopes of good news.  Last night I watched as they pulled cars out of the lake where we went fishing a few times over the summer and fall.  This is just devastating.  I personally did not know the missing family. Their pictures look familiar, as though I may have waited on them a few times in the past few years at my place of employment... but they are a part of my community.  Mt. Vernon was once voted the 'most liveable town in ohio'... assumed to be a safe place to raise a family... and NOW... someone living well within walking distance of our home, has kidnapped a young girl, and held her captive in his basement for 4 days until the SWAT team managed to track him down and rescue her as she was bound and gagged in captivity.  Aye Aye!!!  This scum sucking bastard was actually born and raised in our community!  My heart breaks for young Sarah.  Her life has been forever changed... I pray that she may find peace, somehow.  I also pray that her family will be found safe and alive, but it is not looking promising. 

I have also been receiving forwarded text messages warning others of nationwide gang activity and things to look out for.  I have heard of the no head light initiation before, but I had no idea that it was still happening... I think that was at least 10 years ago. What the hell is this world coming to?  The most recent text was a warning that people are giving away free key chains at gas stations... said key chains contain a tracking device so that the people can follow/ rob/ kill you.  Seriously???  I want to go join that hippie commune now. Is it any wonder that we live in an overly medicated society?  The shit that happens in this country on a daily basis is absolutely disturbing.  I know, I know... there are still good people out there.  But I fear for the safety of our children as a society. 

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  1. I heard about this on the news last night and my heart goes out to that family. I pray they find them. It is so scary and it just makes me realize how cruel and unsafe this world really is. It is so messed up.