Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feeling a little teased...

So I recently had an OB check up and finally got up enough courage to ask my Dr about the possibility of obtaining copies of the images taken at Sebastion's final ultrasound, whether or not they would even still be on file.  He instantly responded with a yes and made a quick phone call to radiology.  They told him that they could have the photos to me by the following morning.  Just a couple of hours went by and I received a phone call from the docs office stating that my photos were there and could be picked up at any time.  I raced over with excitement!  New photos of our baby... photos I had never seen.  YES, they were photos of him taken after his heart had stopped beating, but non the less... they were still photos of my precious baby.  Sigh... The receptionist hands me the photos, I politely say thank you and begin to look at them as I walk away.... The images look all too familiar.  Then I look to the top... 13 W 5 D... (9/14/11). My heart sank. (don't get me wrong, I love to look at photos of our rainbow too)  I immediately returned to the window and handed the photos back to the receptionist.  I told her I was sorry, but these photos are images that I already have...from THIS pregnancy.  She just looked at me dumb founded.  I went on to explain that the photos I had requested were from my previous pregnancy, the one that ended in stillbirth.  She just gave me this look like 'why on earth would you want pictures of your dead baby?!'  And then asked if I knew what date they would have been taken on.  August 10, 2010..without hesitation.  She wrote down the date and said she would see what she could do....
Two days have passed since then and I have not heard a word.  I feel let down:(   I will call tomorrow to check, but still... why tease a broken heart?

I spoke with the receptionist today and she informed me that my doctor actually had a sit down meeting with radiology over the issue.  The have the photos on record, but they are on microfilm, so it will take some time to look through all the film and find them.  They will contact me when they know anything further.

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  1. I'm so sorry Bethany. I will pray that you get those photos soon.