Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day in photos....

This first photo is actually a bit of a christmas present that carried over to mother's day/birthday...
Back in December a dear sweet friend of mine won a giveaway that was hosted by the lovely Crystal and out of the kindness of her heart...she decided to gift the prize to me.   Crytal and I exchanged a few emails and it took me some time to decide what I would like the pendant to be...
I have several pieces of jewelry to honor Sebastion...but at the time I did not have any pieces to honor Liliana...

The meaning behind this wonderful piece:  When Liliana was born we planted a weeping willow tree at my parents house in her honor, it has grown beautifully in the past 3 years.  It only seemed fitting that when Sebastion came into our lives, that we plant a weeping willow in his honor (and memory) as well.
As far as the background... if you have visited my blog before then you already know that Sebastion is my little moon baby... and Liliana is my sunshine:)
I ABSOLUTELY adore this piece and wear it proudly!  And the fact that it arrived just before Mother's day was perfect. Thank you so much Crystal!

My first mother's day with out my son was rather... emotional to say the least...but it was a beautiful day, and my daughter and family helped keep my spirits up:)  The beautiful card above was given to me by my wonderful parents.

We started the day off by going to church... the service was rather moving and Derek and I were both in tears while thinking of our sweet son.  After church, we attended a family mothers day brunch and had some good bonding time with all the women in my moms side of the family...then it was off to the greenhouses:)

 Our puppy traveled with us for the day, and got hungry along the way.

I guess I forgot to mention that we did not have the heart to take him back to the puppy farm... we decided that even though he may not live long, we will give him the best life that he can have while he is with us...and as one of my friends so clearly put it...when Sebastion is ready for him, he will call him to heaven:) 

 Most of these flowers were gifts from my parents... I love spending time working in the dirt:)
                                                               Mommy's little helper!

And the beautiful gifts from my children  (yes, Derek even thought to include Sebastion's name on my card)

                                              tree necklace because I am a tree hugger:)

    Derek actually made this with a little help from Liliana... the green peridot gems are Sebastion's birthstone.
It goes beautifully with my Mom of an Angel bracelet, and the bracelet that my previously mentioned friend sent me in the mail as a surprise months ago.  Love you Trena! You are the best!

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