Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am a bit concerned about the fact that my doctor just started me on YAZ.  He recommends that I take birth control for a couple of months to regulate my periods and to insure that I do not become pregnant before the results of all my lab work come back...but really... YAZ?!  Isn't this the same pill that so many people are up in arms about?  Lawsuits... major side effects, etc?  I'm not so sure that this is something I should be taking.  Especially concidering I've already had a type of a blood clot.  Sigh.
Yesterday I had 10 vials of blood drawn for numerous medical testing...testing to give us peace of mind that if we are to become pregnant again, we will hopefully not face the same demise.  I do not know if I could survive losing another child... but so desperately want to have more children.  I want Liliana to have at least one sibling.  She was so excited about her baby brother... she too has been cheated.

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