Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dun dun dunnnn....

I should have realized that today would be anything but normal.  Today IS the 19th after all.

To start things off... my cat.  Oh how I love my big fluffy cuddly kitty..
but boy oh boy, can he piss me off?!  I'm not really sure that I got any sleep last night, as it seems that every time I fell  back to sleep, he was either headbutting my nose... licking my cheek... biting my hand... nibbling my ears... or digging his claws into my back.  Strike one.

That being said... once I finally decided to drag my ass out of bed I went about my morning routine... pee. wash hands. start coffee. shower.  ONE major problem here... the coffee didn't brew.  Stupid fucking coffee maker decided to just stop working.  And if you know me, you know I do not function with out my coffee.  Strike two. 

Off to work I go.  (Bonus... free coffee there, just not as good as what I make at home.) 

First table I had pay out and leave... stiffed me.  (For those of you who may not know... I am a slave server at a local restaurant.) Strike three.

Third table... stiffed again.  Only THIS time, the customer had actually HAD money laying on the table when I dropped off their change, but when I went back to pick up said tip, the table was empty.  So one of two things could have happened here... 1.  Bitch decided she needed the money more than I did, even though she had no complaints about any of her food/service.  or 2.  Someone walked by and picked the money up on their way out the door.  Either way!  That is just fucking wrong!  Strike four!

I know, I know.  There are only 3 strikes in baseball, right?  Well, technically yes.  BUT if the third strike is a fowl ball.... well then you get to swing again.

Moving on.  I learned a few things today.  First and foremost, my grandfather is to have surgery on thursday.  Heart catheterization.   Somewhat a basic procedure, yes... people have them all the time, yes.  But my grandfather is 85 years old, and just last week began slurring his speech.  It saddens me to think that he may not be with us much longer.  I love you grandpa.  Please keep him in your prayers.

One year ago today, I peed in a cup to confirm what I already knew to be true.  I was pregnant with my sweet Sebastion.  Today , I had a doctors appointment with the same doctor, but not for the same exciting reason.  Today I went into his office because about a month ago, I found a lump in my breast.  The past month has been a long month.  A VERY long month of waiting, wondering,  worrying, and keeping myself busy busy busy so as too not have an idol mind.  I only talked to D about it, he was the one that assured me that it was something I should have checked out... just in case.  So, today was the day.  And I still know nothing.  After a hands on exam, my doctor felt hopeful that the 'mass' was only a cyst.  I am to receive a call in the morning to set up an ultrasound (not a mammogram) to learn more.  He stated that if it was larger than (i can not remember the size, only that I know it seems larger than that) then he would have to drain it.  So... I am 90% certain that my poor breast will be poked with needles here in the next few days, and that saddens me, but not nearly as much as the alternative.  Obviously he couldn't say for sure without further testing, but he was hopeful that it wasn't Cancer.  That in itself, was the best thing I heard all day.  For that matter... all year.  So today, I also learned a few things about breast health...apparently if you find a lump, there are a couple of good 'signs'.  One... its a good sign if the lump moves when you push on it. And Two... its also a good sign if it hurts.  And in my case, both of those are true. 

And the other thing I learned today, I shall ponder for awhile...

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